A Fascinating Journey Embracing the Most Beautiful Taiwan

SINGTEX Group|R&D Center, Shiang Lin Chang, Consultant

Two Railroads around the Island

Falling in love doesn’t involve luck, it was inevitable that I fell in love with you.

Cycling around Taiwan was not my dream, but I accomplished this "feat" by chance, which invigorated my life, broadened my perspective, and cleared my soul.

The "Two Railroads Around the Island" is an adventure that uses a combination of railroads and bike paths. It was my first experience of cycling around the island. The bicycles needed for the journey are equipped with wheels with thick tread patterns made of heavier, more durable rubber that is suitable for rugged roads. We took the "Taiwan's Best" route which is the advanced tour. It involves bicycling to the four poles of Taiwan including North, East, South, and West, and to the four top scenic spots Danshui Sunset, Taroko, Hualien East Coast, and Sun Moon Lake.

After adapting to the bike's gear system, the bike’s tires were also changed at different occasions to smoother road biking tires that provide, lightness and comfort, which is more suitable for use on flat roads.

Four lighthouses in pole positions in Taiwan

Northernmost point of Taiwan|Fugui Cape Lighthouse

The construction of the lighthouse was completed in 1897, and it was changed to an octagonal concrete tower in 1962. It was the first to be built during the Japanese occupation of Taiwan, and is an indicator of Taiwan's north coast channel. After constructing the trail, the unique coastal scenery has attracted countless tourists.

Easternmost Pole of Taiwan|Sandiao Cape Lighthouse

Completed by the Japanese in 1935, the tower was damaged during the Second World War and was restored in 1946 and subsequently opened to the public. The tower is 16.5 meters high, and the tower area has a wide view of the beautiful scenery, making it a good place for sport and leisure activities. There is a steep slope up to San Diao Kok from Route 1, so you may consider riding to the top for a challenge.

Southernmost Pole of Taiwan|Eluanbi Lighthouse

Built in 1881, it is surrounded by trenches in the shape of a fortress with its back to the sea. In 1962, it was reconstructed and replaced by rotating lens lamps, which have a longer range of light and are known as the "Light of East Asia", and are distantly opposite to the island of Luzon in the Philippines. The color of the sea and the sky, and the natural beauty of the island make people feel relaxed and happy.

Westernmost Pole of Taiwan|Guosheng Lighthouse

In 1957, the lighthouse was set up on the sandbar of Guosheng Harbor, but due to typhoon and tidal erosion, the sandbar was lost and plunged into the sea. In 1970, a new tower was built with a conical steel structure with a height of 32.7 meters, and due to the safety concerns of typhoon structure, the reconstruction in 2020 was completed in 2022, and the newly erected "Jixi Art Landmark" is an eye-catching memento of the city.

The Sun Moon Lake Circle Trail passes through Longfeng Temple, Wenwu Temple, Xuanzang Temple, Xuan Guang Temple, Songbai Lun, Dazhu Lake, Frog Stream, Tuting Tsai, Qinglong Mountain and other scenic spots in a circle of about 30 kilometers. Rich in indigenous culture and natural ecosystems, lakes, mountains, and undulating routes, which is very suitable for riding and exploring. The route has been honored as one of the world's top ten most beautiful bike trails. When you complete the Taiwan Pole Bike Tour in one go, you will see the wide sea and the beautiful lighthouse scenery. What we have traveled are the mountains and rivers of this beautiful island, we reflected that this can only be enjoyed in a stable world, a prosperous country, a clean environment and a healthy body, and it is our common responsibility to pass on the idea of "truth, goodness and beauty".

The purpose of leisure travel is not only to broaden our horizons, but also to relax our minds and enjoy ourselves, which is made even more perfect if it is combined with health and wellness. Low-carbon and environmentally friendly transportation is also the best choice to achieve this goal. Wandering along the beautiful paths of nature nourishes the body, mind and soul. You don't have to worry too much about whether you can handle it or not. "You can't experience the fragrance of joy without being hardened, and only through experience can you enjoy the joy of it".

The tourism industry is an important element in boosting the world's economy, and people are becoming more aware of environmental protection, so let's travel together in a carbon-reducing and responsible way! Reducing the burden on the environment while traveling is a great contribution to slowing down global warming.

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