Environmental sustainability

Singtex Group has always focused on "environmental sustainability" through our core products and by unleashing our competences. We strive to promote green product design & development, green production, and a green supply chain. Inspired by the values of a "business that warms the heart", we take proactive measures to mitigate the impact of climate change on people's survival, such as investing several hundred million dollars to create the pioneering R&D center and precision eco-friendly dyeing and finishing R&D center. The Company's products has not only received the Taiwan Excellence Award, Taiwan Mittelstand Award, and 3 major international accolades, but also passed OEKO-TEX®, GRS, and the most stringent Swiss bluesign® certification, demonstrating our commitment to environmental policies.

Green production

S.Café® sustainable materials

S.Café® sustainable technology is integrated into our ever growing coffee drinking culture. There is never a need to waste time and energy to produce the essential S.Café® raw material, as there is always coffee being consumed, therefore there will always be coffee grounds to be collected and used. S.Café® yarn can be used in a variety of different products, from outdoor and sports performance apparel, to household items we use every day. There is an endless possibility where we are able to apply our sustainable material. By making less of an impact on our environment, we are making the world a better place for the next generation.

Green process

Environmental engineering approach was introduced during the early stages of the factory construction, where solvent-free dyeing process, natural gas reduction (lower carbon emissions), and energy-saving machines were implemented. Besides FTC's intelligent energy-saving system, we also introduced the sewage treatment system along with water-saving dyeing machine and waterless color yarn technology to ensure the efficient utilization of water. In total, the steam, water, and electricity-saving measures reduce carbon emissions by 796.2 tons/year.

Waterless color yarn technology

Waterless color yarn technology enhances color fastness and resolves the risk of dye migration

Environmental management goals

Energy conservation, carbon reduction, and cherishing the Earth has become a global trend. In continuing to promote the philosophy of energy conservation and carbon reduction, Singtex will keep on implementing various water-saving, power-saving, and renewable resource measures. By formulating specific energy conservation and carbon reduction measures, we encourage our colleagues not only to engage in these measures in the office but also at home, thereby expanding the influence of the earth-friendly movement to every corner of the world.

The Company's environmental protection philosophy

  • Passion: Cherish the Earth to develop eco-friendly products
  • Sincerity: Adopt a people-oriented approach to promote sincere and Earth-caring activities
  • Innovation: Pursue excellence and innovation to provide eco-friendly, intelligent, and innovative products
  • Service: Customer always comes first - Fulfill our responsibilities in cherishing the environment and public welfare
  • Quality: Uphold the highest standard to materialize world-class quality
  • Feedback: Sustainable business - Determination in giving back to society

Social engagement

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Singtex continues to put environmental awareness into action. For instance, we have engaged in environmental education promotion, conservation of Wugu Wetlands and Shuanglian Reservoir Wetlands, supported the Earth Hour campaign, and became the only fabric supplier to European Outdoor Conservation Association (EOCA). We also forward applications for environmental protection budgets to other environmental NPOs and adopt rice fields because we want to care about the land by taking action.

Adopt organic rice fields

By 2021, the Company has adopted rice fields in Yilan for 11 straight years. The rice fields adopt the philosophy of environmental protection, where organic farming methods are applied to fertilizing and weed; our employees are invited to participate in the rice seedling transplanting and harvesting experience, caring about the land by taking action. The organic rice harvested from the rice fields is used as Moon Festival souvenirs.

Earth Hour

Singtex has supported the Earth Hour initiative since 2013, and we have assisted in the Earth Day charity bazaars for Starbucks in Indonesia and Taiwan. Moreover, we also sponsored S.Cafe coffee garments for the charity bazaar.

Wugu Wetlands conservation

Singtex cares about the local environment, hence we helped the The Society of Wilderness to obtain grants from Patagonia, a designer of outdoor clothing and gear and also a client of Singtex. The fund is used to conduct environmental education promotion at the Wugu Wetlands and Shuanglian Reservoir Wetlands.

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