Working together for the sake of our Earth - Singtex's gratitude

Singtex was founded over 3 decades ago; according to Confucius: "I stood firm at the age of 30", which means that one must achieve independence by 30 and know what one can contribute to society. Singtex is grateful for society and our friends, hence our goal is to attain sustainability and environmental protection, and we insist in producing only eco-friendly fabrics. Despite the arduous journey ahead, we hope everyone can continue to support Singtex and make an effort to make the Earth a better place.

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Build Up


Singtex® initially started out as a bedding company producing bedding and woven fabrics.

  1. Development of functional textiles
  2. Formation of knitted textiles department
  3. Singtex® Industrial Co., Ltd. established
  4. Created the COOLTEX® brand
  5. Created the SINGTEX® 50000 brand



Singtex® invested in the development of waterproof breathable fabric products and began transitioning to the development of advanced functional fabrics.
The company also created the SINGTEX® 5000 and SINGTEX® 10000 brands.

  1. Received "Best Global Partner Award" from ADIDAS in Germany
  2. First collaboration with ADIDAS and NAUTICA
  3. First collaboration with the international brand NIKE
  4. Company founder Chen Kuo-chin received Golden Peak Award for *"Outstanding Entrepreneurial Leaders in R.O.C."
  5. Company founder Chen Kuo-chin named honorary fellow of the Research Center for Taiwan Economic Development.

Core Value


Singtex® began investing in the development of eco-friendly functional fabrics and accumulated know-how on the development of sustainable fabrics.
This led to Singtex® becoming the leader in this field through innovation.

  1. Best Partner award from Steilmann in Germany
  2. Named the designated vendor for "Collaborative Design on Functional Textiles" by NIKE and NAUTICA
  3. Active collaboration with the Taiwan Textile Research Institute, National Chung-shan Institute of Technology and Taiwan Textile Federation on a number of projects
  4. Took part in the Taiwan Textile Federation "Textile Good Design Award" for the first time and won three awards.



Set up high-tech post-processing supply chain system to launch the S.Cafe® environmentally friendly coffee yarn

  1. Set up Guanyin precision dyeing R&D center
  2. Completed Bluesign® certification for environmentally friendly factory and products
  3. Founding member of the Sustainable Textile Coalition
  4. R&D building commissioned in Wugu Industrial Zone
  5. Granted patent for manufacturing of uni-axially drawn PTFE membrane
  6. Granted patent for waterproof breathable fabric
  7. 2008 Taiwan Superior Brands Award
  8. Taiwan Excellence Award

Branding Value


Forging a world-class professional functional textile brand

  1. OTC listing(Code: 4433)
  2. Magictex garment factory established in Vietnam
  3. Awarding of "Potential Taiwan Mittelstand Award" by the Industrial Development Bureau, Ministry of Economic Affairs
  4. P4DRYTM receives Outdoor Industry Award and iF Design Award
  5. S.Café® receives gold medal and special award at the International Exhibition of Inventions Geneva
  6. S.Café® receives gold medal and merit award at INPEX in Pittsburg, USA
  7. S.Café® receives gold medal at iENA Nuremberg in Germany
  8. Top 100 Taiwan Brand (only brand from the textile industry)
  9. 2012 National Sustainable Development Award
  10. 12th Industrial Sustainable Excellence Award
  11. Carbon Footprint certification
  12. Visit by President Ma Ying-jeou and New Taipei City Mayor Eric Chu

Global Strategy


Application for public listing and global strategy

  1. Awarding of "Taiwan Mittelstand Award" by the Industrial Development Bureau, Ministry of Economic Affairs
  2. S.Cafe® SCK-645 fabric achieves international cradle-to- cradle certification
  3. P4DRY TM coffee printing technology wins the grand prize at China International Fabrics Creation Competition
  4. Named in the Top 10 fabric at the ISPO Award in Munich, Germany, for three consecutive years

Expanding the group's business


Expanding our business and post-pandemic transformation

  1. Groundbreaking of new plant in Vietnam
  2. Singtex® (4433) acquired GFun (4429)
  3. Quickly became engaged in the healthcare sector with our expertise in professional waterproof and moisture permeable fabric R&D. We also joined the pandemic-prevention textile national team.
  4. Received MOHW’s outstanding medical device manufacturing certificate (GMP1755), class 1 medical device permit, permit of pharmaceutical vendor, and permit of pharmaceutical manufacturer
  5. The first textile manufacturer to receive the Taiwan Excellence Gold Award in 29 years
  6. Company founder and Chairman Chen Kuo-Chin was appointed as the national policy advisor to the president
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