Singtex knows that "talents are the most important assets of the Company"

Talent cultivation is the foundation of corporate sustainability, and Singtex knows that "talents are the most important assets of the Company". To train functional talents for the textile industry and enhance employee quality, we provide them with a safe workplace. To let them work with peace of mind, the Company has offered them adequate benefits to look after them and their families, thereby maintaining occupational health and safety. Furthermore, we encourage our employees to unleash their creativity and potential, allowing them to enjoy work and apply their specialized skills in a bid to grow with the group.

Talent development

Singtex Group aligns the Company's needs with our employees' career development to vigorously implement relevant education and training. Singtex believes that "communication is the best management approach", hence we have endeavored to uphold our employees' rights, create a decent workplace, and establish an open communication channel. We try to ascertain our employees' needs via top-down or bottom-up communication, allowing them to understand the Company's goals for the sake of shaping an internal consensus and culture. While pursuing growth and profits, the group wishes to help our employees and businesses improve and grow by constantly creating a workplace conducive for ongoing learning and growth.

Singtex Academy

We have arranged in-depth training courses on top of the annual education and training to cultivate high-caliber talents.

Team building camp

By establishing the Company’s core competences, our colleagues can understand the Company’s success factors, core attributes, and foster Singtex’s exclusive advantages. For instance, team building camps, core competence courses (work management and time planning practical training courses, interdepartmental communication and crisis management practical courses.)

Employee training

Singtex's employee training is structured according to various core competences, namely "new employee orientation", "professional skill training", "internal lecturer training", and "core and management vocational training". Within the above 4 systems, we have incorporated 3 models including "learning while working", "learning while training", and "self learning". The objective is to make talent cultivation more goal-driven and systematic.

Employee feedback mailbox

The "employee feedback mailbox" has been created on the internal network platform, allowing our colleagues to voice their opinions regarding work-related problems or proposals that can boost work performance. The feedbacks will be forwarded to various responsible units, and they will dispatch dedicated personnel to resolve the problem discreetly, fairly, reasonably, and quickly before reporting the outcome and process to the management.

Meeting (labor-management and Employee Welfare Committee)

We convene labor-management meetings in accordance with the Labor Standards Act and relevant regulations, where the Company's senior executives and employee representatives will engage in bilateral communication based on the Company's operating conditions and employee feedback. All employee representatives can openly communicate work conditions with the management without the fear of retaliation, threat, or harassment.

Employee care

In addition to relevant benefits required by the law, Singtex also provides a diverse welfare system, and the Employee Welfare Committee was established to implement various benefit measures such as company trips, birthday cash gifts, as well as wedding, funeral, and birth subsidies. Moreover, we also provide our employees with group accident insurance to ensure they can enjoy better quality of life and protection at work. This also demonstrates the Company's comprehensive measures designed to look after our employees.

Employee health management

Annual health examination.
Health examination for employees working in special environments.
Health risk assessment and management

Health promotion plan

Advocates the healthy concept of environmental protection via "vegetarian day"

Sound employee benefits

Career development
Variable remuneration
Employee benefits

Work-life balance

Club activities
Fitness corner
Partake in various sports activities

Employee health management

To look after our employees' physical and mental wellbeing, the Singtex Group regularly organizes the "annual employee health examination" to care about their safety and health, as well as achieve the goal of corporate sustainability. We have also arranged for nurse health consultation services at various locations.

One-day vegetarian

The Company launched the "one-day vegetarian" campaign to encourage our colleagues to contribute to energy conservation and carbon reduction by taking action.


Singtex has established a fitness center equipped with fitness equipment for our employees to train their physical fitness. We encourage our employees to value their health by keeping a habit of exercising, hence we have organized a variety of activities including running, hiking, and swimming across the Sun Moon Lake, etc. The aim is to integrate fitness exercises into our employees' everyday life, hoping that they can attain work-life balance and physical/mental wellbeing.

Career development Variable remuneration Employee benefits
  1. Regular education and training
  2. External training subsidies
  3. Professional license subsidies
  1. Full attendance bonus
  2. Goal achievement bonus
  3. Production/manufacturing bonus and other bonuses etc.
  1. Departmental dinner parties
  2. Company trips
  3. Cash gift or vouchers for weddings, funerals, or Dragon Boat Festival, Mid-Autumn Festival and Chinese New Year
  4. Birthday gift vouchers and cakes
  5. Club activities (badminton, cycling, running, and hiking, etc.)
Career development
  1. Regular education and training
  2. External training subsidies
  3. Professional license subsidies
Variable remuneration
  1. Full attendance bonus
  2. Goal achievement bonus
  3. Production/manufacturing bonus and other bonuses etc.
Employee benefits
  1. Departmental dinner parties
  2. Company trips
  3. Cash gift or vouchers for weddings, funerals, or Dragon Boat Festival, Mid-Autumn Festival and Chinese New Year
  4. Birthday gift vouchers and cakes
  5. Club activities (badminton, cycling, running, and hiking, etc.)

Fostering employee welfare

In addition to providing legally required benefits, Singtex also offers a diverse welfare system and we have established the Employee Welfare Committee to implement various welfare measures including company trips, birthday cash gifts, wedding/funeral cash gifts, and nursing subsidies to let them achieve work-life balance. We also encourage our colleagues to participate in club activities to foster their physical and mental wellbeing. Furthermore, we provide our employees with group accident insurance to allow them enjoy better quality of life and job security, embodying comprehensive care for our employees.

Occupational safety and health

Emphasis on safety and health quality
Providing a safe, friendly workplace is Singtex's commitment and basic protection for our employees. Singtex has established a decent workplace to protect the occupational safety as well as physical and mental wellbeing of our employees. To maintain our employees' safety and health, and to comply with environmental, safety and health, and fire regulations, we have stipulated the following workplace and employee safety/protection-related measures.

Establish safety equipment and measures

  1. Establish a safety and health unit and management personnel to implement the Company's safety and health system
  2. Establish controlled chemical substance labels
  3. Install air pollution prevention equipment

Emphasis on environmental safety and regulations

  1. Formulate and implement the environmental assessment form to ensure the normal functioning of the workplace
  2. Implement waste treatment and disposal

Fire safety prevention and inspection

  1. Establish a fire hazard emergency response organization and conduct regular drills
  2. Regularly inspect buildings and fire safety equipment

Conduct environmental safety education and training

  1. Promote environmental safety-related regulations
  2. Implement occupational safety and health training and education

Establish safety equipment and measures

  1. Establish a "safety and health unit and management personnel" in charge of planning and implementing the Company's safety and health policies and management system. Conduct audits to evaluate the execution outcome.
  2. Implement "chemical substance control" management and labeling to prevent occupational accidents.
  3. Install air pollution prevention equipment such as a fume hood at the source of air pollution to deliver waste gas to the treatment equipment before it is discharged in order to protect our employees' safety and health.

Total Productive Maintenance

In pursuit of refined management, regularly maintain the safety of production equipment.
Singtex introduced TPM (Total Productive Maintenance) to improve the quality of people and equipment as well as increase work efficiency and performance. Furthermore, we also improved our autonomous maintenance ability, minimized unnecessary losses, and increased the equipment’s overall efficiency. Potential man-made hazards are detected and prevented through the voluntary reaction of our colleagues on-site and inspection mechanism.

Implement comprehensive education and training

Focusing on education and training, our aim is to cultivate and improve our employees’ thinking ability, as well as bolster the strength of the Company and our employees through practical guidance and outcome review.

Human Rights Policy

In order to fulfill corporate social responsibilities and protect the basic human rights of employees and all stakeholders, Singtex Group supports and voluntarily follows international human rights conventions: "UN Global Compact", "Universal Declaration of Human Rights" and "ILO Declaration of Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work", respect internationally recognized basic human rights, and formulate human rights policies based on the guiding principles of the aforementioned norms.
With a strong commitment to diversity, inclusion and equity, Singtex Group adheres to strict compliance with our anti-discrimination and harassment policies and treats all ethnic groups fairly. In order to prevent the occurrence of inappropriate behavior, the Group has also established relevant complaint mechanisms. The implementation plan is as follows:

Human Rights Management Policy Specific Plan Implementation performance Risk mitigation measures
Provide a safe and healthy working environment
  1. In order to prevent occupational accidents in various facilities, laboratories, and locations within the SINGTEX Group and to ensure the safety and health of personnel, we have established an "Occupational Health and Safety Management Plan" in accordance with Article 23(1) of the Occupational Health and Safety Act and Article 12(1) of the Occupational Health and Safety Management Regulations.
  2. The scope of hazard identification and risk assessment for the SINGTEX Group extends to all health andsafety hazards expected within and around the factory, covering routine and non-routine activities and all personnel entering the factory premises (including subcontractors and outsourced personnel). We have developed Occupational Health and Safety management regulations, subcontractor management measures, hazard identification and risk assessment management measures, and occupational accident investigation and handling measures, among others.
  3. To ensure the health and safety of our employees in the workplace, the SINGTEX Group conducts environmental improvements tailored to the characteristics of the work site. In compliance with Articles 3, 9, and 11 of the Regulations for the Protection of Labor Health, our factory engages medical and health personnel to provide on-site labor health services. Each year, doctors and nurses assess operational hazards on-site and provide recommendations, such as the use of personal protective equipment in noise zones and the wearing of dust masks in dusty environments, along with enhanced visual management indicators.
Implementation performance: 2022
  1. Implement occupational safety and health management plan.
  2. Occupational safety and health training: 94 people in fire drills, 4 people in occupational safety personnel training, 6 people in first aid, and 11 people in other training projects.
  3. Labor disputes occur 0%
  4. Turnover rate 32.9%
Risk mitigation measures:
  1. Regarding the main types of injuries, in addition to investigating individual accidents, the Safety and Health Section will evaluate similar risk areas throughout the factory to conduct education, training and publicity to achieve relevant prevention effects.
  2. Continue to hold occupational safety and health education and training on a regular basis to increase employees’ crisis awareness and handling capabilities.
  3. Continue to deepen labor relations and communication channels.
  4. Conduct interviews with supervisors of units with high turnover rates, and provide relevant education and training if necessary. At the same time, understand the work content and environment of the department, and hold discussions with employees if necessary.
Help employees maintain physical and mental health and work-life balance SINGTEX have established an Employee Welfare Committee to provide our employees with a igh-quality workplace and generousemployee benefits. These benefits include birthday bonuses, maternity subsidies, wedding and funeral subsidies, and access to an mployee cafeteria. To promote work-life balance,the company offers domestic and international travel subsidies, allowing employees to fully relax during their non-working hours. We also provide free annual health check-ups to monitor our employees' well-being and offer opportunities for further education and training to continuously enhance their skills and elf-worth. Implementation performance: 2022
  1. General health examination for 405 people and special health examination for 50 people.
  2. The popularity of employee training is 4 courses per person per year.
    Course execution is 95. (Actual number of courses/Estimated number of courses)
    Education and training satisfaction 4.5. (Total satisfaction level of courses started/number of courses started)
Risk mitigation measures:
  1. Take care of the health of employees. The company conducts regular employee health examinations every year. For colleagues with abnormal examination results, follow-up counseling is provided with the consent of the employees to enhance employees' health awareness.
  2. For young colleagues who have just entered the workplace, we provide comprehensive newcomer training, on-the-job training and educational training, hoping that colleagues can improve their self-worth and skills while working, and achieve the goal of endless learning.
Implement the “Three Highs” policy of high salary, high development and high care SINGTEX is committed to providing employees with a work environment that respects their dignity, safety, and inclusivity. We uphold diversity in employment, fairness in compensation, and opportunities for advancement, ensuring that employees are not discriminated against, harassed, or treated unequally based on race, gender, religious beliefs, age, political orientation, or any other condition protected by applicable laws. We also welcome global talent to build a strong corporate reputation. Implementation performance: 2022
  1. Complaint cases involving employees receiving unequal treatment due to gender, race, religion and other factors: 0 cases.
  2. Employment ratio of indigenous people: 0.8%.
  3. The proportion of employees with disabilities: 1.6%.
Risk mitigation measures:
  1. If a complaint case occurs, the first-level supervisor will establish a People’s Council to investigate and hear the case. If a complaint case occurs, the investigation and handling shall be completed within three months, and a complete report shall be given to the complainant.
  2. Increase the number of indigenous employees hired.
  3. Regularly review national laws and social trends, and revise measures to protect vulnerable groups.
Prohibit forced labor and comply with local government labor laws
  1. Starting from 2020, in alignment with ethical and fairness standards for migrant worker employment commitment, and to prevent forced labor, we initiated the "Zero Cost Policy" to create a harmonious labor environment. Migrant workers are not required to directly or indirectly bear any costs and expenses beyond what is mandated by the laws of their home or host countries for job assurance or retention. This includes service fees charged by third-party labor intermediaries on a monthly basis during the period of migrant worker employment, all of which are covered by the company.
  2. In pursuit of work-life balance, we offer paid leave, wedding leave, maternity leave, paternity leave, and a two-day weekend, allowing our colleagues to enjoy life beyond their work commitments.
Implementation performance: Neither the Group nor its branches have any forced labor violations. Risk mitigation measures:
  1. Comply with the relevant regulations of the Employment Service Act. Recruitment advertisements will truthfully disclose the content of each job opening. We will not retain the identity documents of employees or job applicants, nor will we withhold property or collect deposits.
  2. Labor conditions will be stated in detail before formal appointment, and employees will take office after confirming their consent; no involuntary labor will be used.
  3. Ensure that the actual working conditions and wages paid to employees are consistent with the labor contract and work rules, and comply with relevant labor laws and regulations.
Establish human rights clauses in contracts with suppliers and implement on-site audits
  1. Evaluated the top 20 suppliers in terms of sustainability in 2023, achieving a 100% compliance rate.
  2. Starting in 2023, we will conduct sustainability risk assessments of our suppliers annually through three stages of risk identification. This will help identify suppliers with potential high risks in environmental, social, and governance (ESG) aspects. For suppliers with higher potential risks, we will conduct audits and provide guidance to ensure effective risk control and reduction.
    1. Every year, core suppliers will be required to sign Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) self-assessment forms.
    2. The audit department will conduct on-site inspections of core suppliers annually.
Implementation performance: The top twenty major suppliers evaluate and sign and fill in the supplier corporate social responsibility self-evaluation form. The analysis is as follows:
  1. 100% signed the corporate social responsibility self-evaluation form, and 95% met the standards.
  2. Supplier evaluation results: 18 suppliers are rated A and 2 are rated B, both of which meet the procurement standards.
Risk mitigation measures: In 2023, major suppliers based on transaction amount (top twenty) will fill in the Supplier Corporate Social Responsibility Self-Assessment Form. Through statistical analysis of this questionnaire feedback, we will understand the current status of suppliers in the three ESG aspects of environment, society and governance. The situation and the parts that need to be improved and strengthened.

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