Environmental Conservation as Our Mission: Leave No Trace | Tranquility and Purity Amidst the Woods

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Have you ever participated in mountain cleanup events?
Singtex Group is dedicated to ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) principles in business development, prioritizing social responsibility and environmental protection. Recently, on October 21, the company organized the "Mingfeng Old Trail Cleanup Activity". Chairperson Kuo-Chin Chen, Vice Chairperson Mei-Hui Lai , Vice President Chia-Liang Han, along with employees and their families, headed to the Mingfeng Old Trail in Miaoli. Together, they collected litter along the trail, actively encouraging all employees to reflect on their own habits and understand the significance of sustainability through practical action. Upholding what's right means continuing our efforts in stride, and over time, these cumulative actions can become the catalyst for changing the world.

Embracing Green Paradigms for Environmental Sustainability

On a weekend in October, we went to Miaoli's Mingfeng Old Trail for a mountain cleanup activity. As a newcomer to the Singtex family, it was an opportunity not to be missed — my first employee outing. It's the best way to understand the company culture and build relationships with colleagues.

True to its name, the Mingfeng Old Trail was filled with birdsongs and lush greenery. Walking along this ancient path, enveloped in the embrace of nature, there was no urban clamor, only the serene tranquility of nature. After a steep uphill climb, catching our breaths, we finally reached a relatively flat, shaded path. It was then we had the energy to notice the surrounding scenery. That's when it struck us - ah! This journey was primarily about mountain cleanup.

We scoured the path as if on a treasure hunt, and though the trail didn't have much trash, we found discarded items like candy wrappers, plastic bottles, and even broken glass, human-induced waste that should never litter these dense forests. These items could easily have been put into pockets or bags and taken down the mountain for proper disposal. How did they end up forgotten along the old trail? It indicates that there's much room for improvement or educating fellow hikers. I believe that beyond the trash we brought down this time, other hikers witnessing our mountain cleanup efforts might silently sow seeds of goodwill in their hearts, spreading bit by bit.

Singtex has always believed in the importance of ESG and has integrated it into our corporate culture. This trip wasn't just a chance to unwind but also a demonstration of the company's commitment to environmental responsibility. During the journey, we encouraged each other to become guardians of the environment. The active participation of colleagues and their families subtly showcased the concerted efforts from top to bottom within the company. This commitment makes me proud to be a part of the Singtex family.

Nevertheless, this beautiful journey has also led me to reflect deeply on humanity's impact on the environment. We often overlook the resources bestowed upon us by nature, using them excessively, forgetting that they are finite. Changes in the environment and the destruction of ecosystems are undeniable facts, and we need to contemplate and take immediate action. Each person can make changes in their daily lives, whether it's as small as reducing the use of plastic products or as significant as supporting sustainable products and companies. Perhaps these changes may seem insignificant individually, but the collective power of people can go a long way to protecting this beautiful planet of ours.

At the end of the hike, we enjoyed delicious Hakka cuisine while reminiscing about what we had seen in the mountains and forests. On the way back, a child of my colleague eagerly asked, "Where are we going to pick up trash next time?" It filled me with quiet joy that the kids could enjoy the process and actively engage in environmental protection. This journey was not only educational but also meaningful in many ways. When caring for the environment becomes an integral and natural part of our lives rather than a deliberate effort, I believe that's the highest benchmark of environmental stewardship ingrained in our hearts. Let's walk on the path of nature, gaining a deeper understanding of respect and gratitude.

Mingfeng Old Trail

The Mingfeng Old Trail, also known as the Mingfengshan Old Trail, was originally a hunting path for the Saisiyat indigenous people. Later, it became a crucial route for early Hakka settlers in Miaoli, connecting Touwu, Gongguan, and Shitan. Today, it's a popular route for people seeking scenic beauty, hiking, and admiring the tung blossoms. This area boasts a network of intersecting historic trails, including South and North Yi Yong Old Trails, Badaling Old Trail, Yanping Old Trail, Green Old Trail, Xi Yi Old Trail, covering an expansive area of 2,000 hectares. Renowned for its rich flora and ecological resources, it is collectively referred to as the "Mingfengshan Old Trail Group".

Located in: Shitan Township, Miaoli County; Touwu Township, Miaoli County
Trail Type: Countryside
Trail Length: Approx. 3 kilometers
Time required: 1.5 hours

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