Braving the Challenge of Sun Moon Lake

Bryan Huang, Assistant Manager, High-precision dyeing and finishing factory No.2

Sun Moon Lake is Taiwan's largest freshwater lake. Its stunning landscape provides ever-changing beauty. Due to its unique geographical environment, Sun Moon Lake has become a prime location for activities such as swimming, marathons, and cycling. The annual event of swimming across Sun Moon Lake holds historical significance and is a ceremonious occasion.

Every year ten thousand people swim across the lake. The whole course is about 3,000 meters long.

Officially inducted into the International Swimming Hall of Fame back in 2002, each year this event draws thousands of swimming enthusiasts from around the world. The event creates an impressive spectacle as athletes of all ages conquer the challenge of swimming across Sun Moon Lake together.

Inexperienced Warriors set Forth on Their Journey

A little over 10 years ago, my colleagues Jimmy, Mio, and I talked about our hobbies while we were working in the testing lab. The classic question of "what are the top three things Taiwanese people must do?" came up.

In unison we exclaimed, "Climb Jade Mountain, cycle around the island, and swim across Sun Moon Lake!"

Coincidentally, during this time, SINGTEX Group Chairman, Jason Chen paid a visit to our lab. We shared with him our idea of swimming across Sun Moon Lake together. He enthusiastically agreed to participate and immediately rallied other colleagues to join in on the fun.

The 10-year plan to swim across Sun Moon Lake

In 2012, as we took our first plunge into the water at Sun Moon Lake, I noticed many companies participating as teams. Each company had prepared their own uniforms and rallying cries. Our group of 7-8 people enjoyed the lake, feeling like little fish as we reached the mid-way rest station. There, we had a great time munching on cookies and chocolate to recharge our energy. As we swam the last kilometer, fatigue gradually started to set in, affecting our arms and legs. However, our team supported and encouraged one another, giving it our all in a final sprint towards the finish line.

We proudly shared this achievement with our colleagues, particularly with Chairman Jason, who embraced our endeavor wholeheartedly. He pledged to embark on a ten-Year Plan of swimming across Sun Moon Lake with us. Jason’s determination and fearless spirit of challenging himself, served as a model for us all.

Pushing the Limits while still Looking Handsome!

In 2013, more members joined in. Chairman Jason not only joined the swimming event but also led the team, showcasing his leadership. As a considerate leader, he would slow down to check on each team member and offer assistance if needed. Everyone supported and encouraged each other, swimming to reach the other side. Together as a group, each team member could perform even better.

After a few years we started getting more and more creative, we started taking a photo together at the halfway point. Then I had the idea to have a beer at the halfway point. To be safe and not affect our swimming performance only one beer was consumed by the 7-8 of us. The rest of the beers would be drunk on the other side of the lake after we crossed the finish line.

After several years of participation, we've gathered a wealth of experience. Not only do we effortlessly navigate the swim, but we've also discovered excellent photo spots along the way. With this in mind, we continually one-up each other to come up with new ideas to make our Sun Moon Lake swim memorable. This way, we're able to create lasting memories with each race.

Are You Sure?! Wearing a Business Suit to Swim Across Sun Mood Lake

In 2018, the release of the S.café® super stretch suit prompted Chairman Jason to rally us warriors for an equipment upgrade. On event day, the entire team appeared dressed in sharp and dapper suits, instantly becoming the center of attention.

SINGTEX Group demonstrated that "true efficiency isn't just about crossing the lake within a respectable time, but reaching the shore without carrying a single drop of water! This is the allure of our innovatively high-stretch functional suit jacket!"

This creative approach earned the attention of various media outlets, showcasing the remarkable features of SINGTEX Group's suit.

Incredible warmth and support ignite the spirit of passionate swimming

In 2020, we brought along our hardworking behind-the-scenes supporter, Secretary Vita. We swam across it together. Without her diligent work, helping with event registrations, transportation, restaurants, and insurance, every year we wouldn't have been able to participate in the event with such ease.

In the blink of an eye, the team of warriors entered their tenth year and tenth battle. At this point Sun Moon Lake is like the backyard of SINGTEX Group, where both new and old colleagues can relax and achieve this passionate accomplishment together.

Do you feel the urge to dive in? Life is too short to be full of hesitation! You won't fully appreciate the charm of swimming across Sun Moon Lake until you experience it firsthand.

SINGTEX Group and the team of warriors continue to grow and thrive. I for one am welcoming the next decade with open arms and an elegant breast stroke.

10-year commitment, continued participation in 2022!

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