Trekking Stoos Ridge in Switzerland with a Heart Brimming with Joy.

Jessie Lin, Director, SINGTEX Fabric Business Division

The emerald green meadows are a secluded paradise, evoking admiration.

Breathtaking views and the lake's shimmering reflection.

The early morning air is refreshing, carrying a chill that instinctively tugs at our blankets. Even though jetlag tempts us to remain nestled in our beds, the allure of this adventure and the preciousness of time compel us to overcome that temptation. After a brief 10-minute battle with our beds, we rise, swiftly change into our running shoes, and join our colleagues for a jog outdoors. The sun's golden rays cascade over Lake Lucerne. There is a vivid reflection across the lake’s surface from the verdant mountains surrounding it.

The post-exercise endorphins fuel laughter and joy amongst breathless comments, reminding us, "It's a good thing we ventured out."

This morning jog serves as an invigorating mental reset. After returning to the hotel to freshen up, we eagerly await the arrival of today's guests who in classic Swiss etiquette appear a little before the appointed time, pedaling their bicycles. It's a perfect embodiment of the outdoor industry's commitment to environmental conservation and carbon reduction.

Our customers consistently prove to be the best product testers, whether it's cycling, hiking, mountain climbing, or skiing—each person nurturing their own athletic preferences and deriving immense satisfaction from their work.

Mount Stoos in the Stoos Range - the World's Steepest Beer Cable Car, the "Stoos Bahn Tram".

That day the journey to Mount Stoos was delightful. The clouds and mist did a tango over the mountain peaks to both reveal and hide their lush tops. As we chatted along the way, our guests thoughtfully explained that they had chosen a moderately challenging route for us. This sparked the competitive spirit within all of us and fueled an eagerness to uphold Taiwan and SINGTEX’s reputation abroad.

As we arrived at the foot of the mountain we embarked on an adventure like no other – ascending to the midpoint via the world's steepest cable car. This unique journey coincided perfectly with the summer mountain music festival, which added an air of excitement to our experience. Stepping out of the cable car, we were greeted by a diverse crowd – families out for a day of adventure, young friends united by their love for the outdoors, and seasoned mountain enthusiasts seeking a new challenge. Irrespective of age, everyone found their own rhythm as they moved forward on the mountain trails.

A unique and mesmerizing landscape unfolds.

We climbed together, engaging in dynamic conversations and capturing moments through photos. As we exchanged tales of Taiwan's and Switzerland's diverse mountain landscapes, Stoos Mountain felt similar to YangMing Mountain’s QingTianGang Grassland. The only difference between the two locations was the type of bovine found on the mountain. Replace the Swiss cows adorned with large bells with Taiwanese water buffalo and this grassy landscape could have been YangMing Mountain.

The towering mountains on the horizon also resembled Taiwan's iconic Mount DaBaJian, which is featured on the NT$500 bill. The blue and green lakes nestled among the peaks bore a striking resemblance to Taiwan's Shiding's Thousand Island Lake. Our shared love for nature forged a deep bond between us. Amid our admiration for beauty in front of us, my thoughts couldn’t help but wander back home to Taiwan.

After about 1.5 hours we accomplished the 5-kilometer trek. During the trip we had ascended from 1,300 meters to 1,920 meters in elevation. The combination of walking and chatting pushed our bodies and rose our heartrate. This left me reflecting on my many years of training with SINGTEX. I had evolved from an athletic novice struggling with leg fatigue after a 10K run to someone capable of handling diverse sport intensities and terrains. The spark was ignited through meeting with customers, witnessing their enthusiasm for outdoor activities that was both inspiring and moving.

Learning from nature, and embarking on a journey of self-improvement

Beyond living with nature and striving for environmental sustainability, there's a harmonious blend between a love for outdoor lifestyles and urban living at SINGTEX Group. This fusion, creates a commitment to integrating environmental awareness into daily routines. It is what sets us apart as suppliers. SINGTEX Group is in a unique position as leaders of the industry.

In recent years we have witnessed the impacts of climate change first hand in Europe and in Taiwan. Summers bring scorching heat waves, while winters are marked by the absence of snow. There have even been reports of increased UV exposure because of changes to the ozone layer. This is even more evident at higher-altitudes. I experienced this firsthand on Mount Stoos, ending the day with a sunburn on my unguarded legs. The burn was a reminder of the importance of sun protection. Despite carrying the discomfort of my sunburnt skin to the next day's customer meeting, my enthusiasm remained unshaken. I joyfully shared the tale of our trek up Mount Stoos and relived the bliss we felt surrounded by nature.

Most importantly, I now have a deeper understanding of why our customers value built-in UVA/UVB protection in clothing so much!

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