SINGTEX® Fabrics was selected as BEST PRODUCT by ISPO TEXTRENDs

SINGTEX continues to dazzle at this year's ISPO TEXTRENDs.
Often referred to as the Oscars of the textile industry, for the Spring/Summer 2025 Textrends SINGTEX received two Best Product Awards and six other prestigious honors. The award-winning lineup spans from functional apparel including the Ultra Suit 3.0 and ONESHELL PP Jacket to top-performing fabrics like ONESHELL, STORMEGA, S.LEISURE THERMAL, S.LEISURE TENCEL, STRETCH PLUS PP, and ONELASTEX.
As a vertically integrated leader in the textile sector, these achievements showcase SINGTEX's strengths in innovative research and development across the entire production-to-consumer spectrum.
SINGTEX is dedicated to providing customers with optimal solutions for functionality, comfortable wear, and environmental sustainability.

TRANZEND Ultra Suit 3.0

The Ultra Suit collection combines traditional suits with functions. Through the use of technical fabrics, a suit with the characteristics of waterproof, breathable, elastic, and anti-wrinkle is created, which means people no longer need to worry about the suit getting wet or stained due to the changes in the weather. The water-repellent function of Ultra Suit 3.0 can ensure the clothes stay dry, and the water droplets can be easily removed even if it gets wet. In the meantime, the suit has four-way stretchability, which solves the limitation from the traditional suits, and allows free movement without feeling restricted.

In addition to functionality, Ultra Suit 3.0 also offers various options in sizes for men's and women's, single-breasted and double-breasted, and color black, beige, and navy. Ultra Suit 3.0 features magnetically designed plackets and cuffs, multifunctional storage pockets, plus a ventilated breathable valve and modular design that can combined with M-system series products.

Ultra Suit 3.0 provides individuals a combination in fashion, comfort, and function.

ONESHELL | A1106-21060039

SINGTEX® ONESHELL is built around the philosophy that simple is beautiful.
We have developed a mono-material method of manufacturing a wide range of fabrics, including 2 and 3-layer waterproof and breathable fabrics, from one single polymer. Traditionally, the manufacturing process of high-performance waterproof and breathable fabrics have required a mix of materials, which creates a big environmental issue because they are unable to be recycled. Instead, with ONESHELL the fabric is 100% made from the same material. The ONESHELL face, membrane, and backer, are all one single material that enables regeneration through end-of-life recycling.
SINGTEX® ONESHELL- A1106-21060039, is a two-layer 100% Polyester fabric, which is 100% recyclable.

SINGTEX & Formosa Plastics Corporation ONESHELL PP Jacket

SINGTEX and Formosa Plastic Group have teamed up to create a truly innovative jacket – the ONESHELL Jacket. This collaboration has resulted in a product that not only looks great but is also eco-friendly and fully recyclable.

The ONESHELL Jacket is made from a three-layer polypropylene fabric that is created using raw materials from Formosa Plastic and manufactured by SINGTEX. This unique combination of materials and manufacturing processes makes the jacket fully recyclable, as the PP fabric, zipper, and even the sewing thread are all made from the same material.

Due to the use of PP materials, the ONESHELL jacket is incredibly lightweight and provides a natural water-repellence function without adding chemical solvents. Also, save 100% water because of the solution dyed.

Overall, the ONESHELL jacket is an excellent example of how innovative collaborations and sustainable manufacturing processes can result in products that are both functional and eco-friendly.


STORMEGA is a new patented technology that uses fabric structure to create an unique 3D micro-climate temperature-adjusted single-layer woven fabric. Tightly woven construction provides durability and water resistance. STORMEGA's 3D hollow layer captures and maintains body temperature without fleece, reducing microfibers polluting the Ocean during washing.
STORMEGA single-layer fabric is lightweight and has the perfect balance between water repellency, breathability, wind protection, elasticity, and warmth. In the upgraded version of STORMEGA, we optimized the resistance to pilling and snagging. The convex side of the fabric can be used as the front.

S.LEISURE Thermal | SW-80714C0-1

For a comfortable fit, Spandex fibers are partially blended with other materials making it hard to recycle and needing a lot of energy to produce. S.LEISURE replaces 6% Spandex yarns making it recyclable & 20% more energy efficient in the dyeing process.

S.LEISURE series also offers S.LEISURE Thermal, which is a three-layer fabric made with hollow fiber yarns and a 3D air layer fabric structure. This unique construction captures and maintains body temperature, providing a lightweight and warm effect. The thermal fabric also reduces carbon emissions during the production process.

Overall, S.LEISURE's series fabrics are perfect for sports, leisure, and training garments. They are not only comfortable and durable but also environmentally friendly. By using innovative technologies and materials, S.LEISURE is paving the way for a more sustainable future in the fashion industry.

TOP 10

ONELASTEX is a brand new product launched by SINGTEX®, with the goal of "textile to textile" as the core concept of the product.
Traditionally, in order to achieve the elasticity of clothing, polyester fibers were often blended with Spandex. However, the fabrics mixed with Spandex are difficult to be recycled and the process is relatively energy-intensive. Fully recyclable ONELASTEX, with HCR mechanical stretch technology, brings excellent elasticity and shape retention. The single-material elastic fabric realizes the goal of textile recycling and regeneration. ONELASTEX’s outstanding performance is suitable for sports, leisure, training, and other clothing purposes. Furthermore, because no elastic fibers are used, it has superior color fastness, moisture absorption, and longer elastic service life. It is soft to the touch and easy to clean. ONELASTEX brings high-performance and sustainable fabrics that meet current trends.

STRETCH PLUS PP | A1109-22100026

STRETCH PLUS™ is a series of SINGTEX elastic fabrics.
STRETCH PLUS™ PP is another innovative fabric that is 100% recyclable. Made from Polypropylene and X-Lance fibers, STRETCH PLUS™ PP is a single material that enables regeneration through end-of-life recycling.
The hydrophobic characteristics of polypropylene fibers provide a natural water-repellent function, eliminating the need for chemical solvents. With Solution-dyed, it can save 100% of the water used in the dyeing process. Furthermore, the use of X-Lance fibers provides durable, comfortable stretch performance, with excellent heat and chemical resistance. With its lightweight and breathable properties, STRETCH PLUS™ PP is ideal for sports and leisure garments.

S.LEISURE Tencel | SCK-4157

For a comfortable fit, Spandex fibers are partially blended with other materials making it hard to recycle and needing a lot of energy to produce. S.LEISURE replaces 6% Spandex yarns making it recyclable & 20% more energy efficient in the dyeing process.

SINGTEX® S.LEISURE series also offers S.LEISURE Tencel, S.LEISURE Tencel is a high-quality fabric that offers a range of benefits. It has high moisture absorption, providing a cooling sensation and reducing static. It also has a smooth and skin-friendly texture. In addition to its performance advantages, S.LEISURE Tencel contains natural material made through an eco-friendly process. Its drape and shine also make it visually appealing. Overall, S.LEISURE Tencel is a great choice for those who value both performance and sustainability in their clothing.

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