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Starting with textiles to build our Youtopia

The United Nations has declared that we are at a critical moment in history where we must all work together on Transforming our World through the 17 Sustainable Development Goals. In order to transition towards true sustainability, we need to work hard at every step of a product’s life cycle including design, manufacturing, consumer use, and end-of-life disposal.

For the 2023 TITAS, SINGTEX® Group has chosen "Youtopia" as its theme. Youtopia was inspired by the fact that an ideal world is in the hands of everyone. Replacing “U” with ”YOU” in UTOPIA means that everyone is capable of shaping the future. In other words, YOU are in control of creating utopia and a sustainable world.

Reaching Youtopia consists of three parts: Wonderland, Tempest, and Null Island.


A beautiful balanced place, an abundance of material creativity. Wonderland symbolizes that after centuries of development, human beings enjoy a rich and convenient life. Creative technological progress is the foundation of YOUTOPIA.

The SINGTEX® product line-up has many examples of patented creativity. Discover S.Café® technology which extracts valuable resources from used coffee grounds and applies them to various textiles applications. High-performance features like quick-dry, anti-odor, and UV protection are brought to closets worldwide through the magic of science. S.Café® transforms waste into enhanced functional clothing for daily life.

At the 2023 TITAS, S.Café® eco2sy plus will be exhibited for the first time. Insulation made from 3 cups of coffee and 12 recycled PET bottles, it is not only as soft as a feather but also uses its special structure to capture air to maintain body temperature. eco2sy plus provides comfortable stretch, which not only keeps the wearer warm but also allows unrestricted movement.

We can protect the environment every time we put on clothes by choosing materials inspired by Wonderland.


Pushing through the storm to reach Youtopia. Tempest represents the obstacles found on the way to YOUTOPIA.

SINGTEX® STORMFLEECE series & S.Café® AIRMEM™ patented technologies provide protection from adverse weather. STORMFLEECE® replaces traditional knitted fleece fabric with single-layer woven fleece fabric. The tightly woven structure reduces the flow of microfibers into the ocean during washing and wearing. Experience protection from wind and rain, while also being lightweight and warm. In addition, it can use solution dye to save water.

STORMEGA™ uses its fabric structure to create a 3D hollow layer, which can capture and maintain body temperature without fleece. At this year’s TITAS, the new STORMEGA® product line - STORMEGA® Loft will be revealed for the first time. STORMEGA® Loft provides a more comfortable and soft touch, while also being more light weight.

For bio-based protection explore our hydrophilic and microporous S.Café® AIRMEM™ coffee membranes. Coffee oil is extracted from waste coffee grounds through our patent S.Café® process to create USDA certified waterproof breathable membranes.

Sheltered from the storm, tempest illustrates that all challenges can be conquered by travelers in their search for Youtopia, they just need the right gear.

Null island

Null mathematically represents zero. Youtopia is a land where humans and nature live in harmony, everything is in back to equilibrium. We are finding Null Island.

The concept of Null encompasses net zero carbon emissions and zero waste. A circular economy that supports textiles to textiles recycling is essential. SINGTEX® REFIT™ is a textile-to-textile recycling program that targets end-of-life 100% polyester garments. Through a depolymerization process, SINGTEX® REFIT™ gives old clothes a new life.

Design it right the first time, is the backbone of sustainability. Explore ONE series products including ONESHELL™ and ONELASTEX™. ONE products are mono-material, allowing for easier end of life recycling. High-performance fabrics do not require a complicated mix of materials. Simple is beautiful, simple to the core means easier recycling.

Null Island symbolizes a land where human beings and nature coexist harmoniously, the Youtopia that people yearn for.

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