Bio-Tex Shield™ developed by Modern Meadow and SINGTEX® was selected as TOP10 by ISPO Textrends

At ISPO Textrends 2025/26 Fall/Winter, SINGTEX® cooperated with Modern Meadow to develop a protein-based bio membrane, which was selected as TOP10. In addition, other innovative products have been selected as "SELECTION".

TOP 10
Bio-Tex Shield Skin-out Membrane

This innovative bio-based, skin-out waterproof, and breathable membrane called BIO-TEX SHIELD™ was developed through a pioneering collaboration between textile leader SINGTEX® and biotechnology champion Modern Meadow.

More than 55% bio-based, the BIO-TEX SHIELD™ membrane is powered by BIO-ALLOY™, Modern Meadow’s miscible blend of plant-based protein and biopolymer. Using bio-design to maximize performance and sustainability, the high abrasion resistance from protein enables longer garment life and more comfortable wear. Engineered for skin-out application the innovation enables new design capabilities including dyeability at the garment stage. The soft-hand feel and supple design of BIO-TEX SHIELD™ is perfect for a variety of outerwear and soft equipment.

Made without solvents and is PFAS/PFC-free, this 2-layer membrane provides the wearer with protection while also protecting the environment. Paired with a cotton (69%) and Polyester (31%) knit fabric blend, the bio-renewable membrane and fabric combination represents the future of high-performance textiles.

Bio-Tex Shield Skin-in Membrane

In a synergistic partnership, SINGTEX® and Modern Meadow teamed up to create BIO-TEX SHIELD™ for waterproof and breathable protection, a technology inspired by nature and designed using biology.

Powered by BIO-ALLOY™, Modern Meadow’s miscible blend of plant-based protein technology. Targeting performance and sustainability at a molecular level, MVTR is enhanced through bio-design using proteins for higher comfort, durability, and increased abrasion resistance. The bio-based BIO-TEX SHIELD™ membrane is paired with a 100% cotton woven fabric to create a product made from bio-renewable materials. Made without solvents and PFAS/PFC-free, the product provides the waterproofing, windproofing, breathability and durability necessary to create a more sustainable future.

Utilizing a 2-layer lamination system, the membrane performance is further enhanced with P4DRY™ functional printing. P4DRY™ is made with S.Café® coffee recycling technology to provide superior moisture wicking, odor control, and provides a soft and gentle touch to the skin.


ONELASTEX™ is a brand new product launched by SINGTEX®, with the goal of "textile to textile" as the core concept of the product.

Traditionally, in order to achieve the elasticity of clothing, polyester fibers were often blended with Spandex. However, the fabrics mixed with Spandex are difficult to recycle and the process is relatively energy-intensive.

Fully recyclable ONELASTEX™, with HCR mechanical stretch technology, brings excellent elasticity and shape retention. The single-material elastic fabric realizes the goal of textile recycling and regeneration.

ONELASTEX™ outstanding performance is suitable for sports, leisure, training, and other clothing purposes. Furthermore, because no elastic fibers are used, it has superior color fastness, moisture absorption, and longer elastic service life. It is soft to the touch and easy to clean. ONELASTEX™ brings high-performance and sustainable fabrics that meet current trends. ONELASTEX™ Thermal Series provides elasticity and warmth at the same time, preparing against the cold winter.

S.Café® eco2sy® Plus
eco2sy + 60

A cruelty-free thermal insulation that uses recycled coffee grounds to enhance the performance of multi-layer insulation with odor control. Made from recycled materials eco²sy® is light with great compressibility while providing superb water repellency, heat retention, and protection against wind. The result is a thermal solution that provides garments with breathability and shelter against adverse weather conditions.

eco2sy® Plus Series maintains the warmth function while adding elasticity which allows free movement without feeling restricted.

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