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Protector series






Assuring an easy life with light and packable high density fabrics.

Shield you from wind,chill and rain.




Regulates temperature properly,conserves warmth without loading.

Keeps you warm,dry and comfortable.




Protector 2-Layer

Protect you with waterproof, windproof and weather-proof  technical fabrics. Guaranteed to keep you comfortable.







AIRMEM™ , our latest S.Café® innovation, pushes the textile material up to a new level.

Containing 25% of coffee oil extracted from spent coffee grounds, the membrane is aimed to replace

petroleum-based materials with a more sustainable alternative. Drink it, Wear it.™

We transform your cup of morning coffee into the fabric that enhances your sport performance,

comfort and daily life. AIRMEM™ will surprise you indefinitely.







S.Café® Innovation continues with a cutting-edge fabric printing technology P4DRY™.

Already a world renowned invention, P4DRY™ is a winner of multiple prestigious awards from 2013

Outdoor Trade Fair in Germany, to 2014 Taiwan Excellence Award in Taiwan.

Using repurposed coffee grounds making a print layer that has four principle functions: quick-drying touch,

odor control, reduces condensation rate, and a tremendously sustainable product.