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REFIT™ the green future

REFIT™ gives recycled old clothes a brand-new meaning.
Inviting you to give us obsolete running tops at home to turn them into 100% eco-friendly new clothes!

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Earth Day
XOO Run X Fubon Financial X REFIT

Event Period: 2024/4/22 (Mon) 19:00-21:30
Event Venue: Fubon Banking Center


Event Period: 2024/10/15-17
Event Venue: Hall 1, Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center
Exhibition Info:

2024 Taiwan TianZhong Marathon

Event Period: 2024/11
Event Venue: Jingsong Cultural Education Park, Tianzhong, Changhua
Exhibition Info:

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Sustainability via 123, Recycling made so easy
Find out obsolete clothes
Bring 100% polyester old clothes to the REFIT™ Smart Clothes Recycling Box.

Look up the recycling sites.
Identify the components of the clothes.
Identify whether the components are 100% polyester and place them into the recycling box.

Understand how to identify the materials of the clothes and let REFIT™ tell you all about it!
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Up to the end of December 2023, REFIT™ recycling results
A total of 1749 pieces
of old clothes have been recycled by REFIT™
Over 2,000 people
Participated in the REFIT™ event.

REFIT™ textiles sustainable circulation program

REFIT™ is the latest textile sustainable circulation program from SINGTEX where 100% polyester single-material clothes are decomposed, reassembled, and reproduced into brand-new clothes.
Persisting on the concept that recycling is not accepting “garbage,” but rather receiving “resources,” REFIT™ hopes to implement the “Textile to Textile Sustainable Circulation Program,” to incorporate the eco-friendly principle into the source of product design, to wear the determination of protecting the Earth on the body!

REFIT™ Smart Clothes Recycling Box

REFIT™ Smart Clothes Recycling Box was jointly developed by SINGTEX, TDRI and Miniwiz. Through smart technologies, this recycling box is capable of identifying the materials of the textiles, solving the issue where mixed materials are difficult to recycle for reproduction, thereby enhancing the efficiency and feasibility of old clothes recycling.
Moreover, the materials used to produce the recycling box were further recycled from old clothes and discarded materials from the clothes manufacturing process.

REFIT™ Events
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2022, 2023 Taiwan TianZhong Marathon

The year 2023 is the 8th year in succession that SINGTEX has been providing S.Cafe fabric for making the Tianzhong Marathon running tops.
SINGTEX further initiated the "REFIT Textile Sustainable Circulation Program" at the Tianzhong Marathon vendor, encouraging runners to bring obsolete 100% polyester running tops at home to the event site.

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Sustainable Runner Campaign

Support the #SustainableRunnerCampaign #IRunIProtect #EnvironmentalSustainableDeclaration initiated by the Chinese Taipei Association of Ultrarunners, Sports Note, and the Center for Sports Business and Policy, National Tsing Hua University.

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2023 New Taipei City WJS Marathon

The running tops for the 2023 New Taipei City WJS Marathon have adopted the S.Café® technology based on the collaboration between Mizuno Taiwan and SINGTEX, where the 11,000 running tops are derived from 33,000 cups of coffee and 55,000 plastic bottles together with the low-carbon footprint manufacturing process, so that a total of 2,090 kg of carbon emission and 88,000 kg of water were reduced.
WJS Marathon held the “Green and Fashion Expo” at the New Taipei City Government, where the SINGTEX REFIT™ recycling box made of old clothes and discarded materials jointly developed by SINGTEX and Miniwiz, is also displayed on site, allowing the public to recycle their old clothes while attending the expo.

REFIT Second-hand Clothes Exchange Markets. Before Recycling, find new opportunities

Rather than having your clothes recycled, it would be better if someone were willing to take them over. In order to establish a corporate culture of "Reuse before recycling", SINGTEX has held three "REFIT Second-hand Clothes Exchange Markets" on Earth Day and Christmas, inviting colleagues to sort out second-hand clothes at home and bring them to exchange with colleagues to help clothes find new owners!

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Qatar 4th World Association for Sport Management Conference

To enhance the popularity of the promotion of domestic environmental sustainability, Professor Yu Huang from the National Tsing Hua University has organized the Taiwan Road Running Event Sustainability Forum at the World Association for Sport Management Conference in Qatar. SINGTEX also shared the REFIT event in the forum.

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2024 New Taipei Runners EXPO

SINGTEX has sponsored the WJS marathon S.Cafe fabric for three years, and the 2024 WJS Marathon combined with the New Taipei Runners EXPO. SINGTEX has set up a "REFIT running clothes recycling station" at the expo to collect recycled running clothes from runners and promote the REFIT project.

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2023 Marathon Expo in Taipei

Combined with the "Taipei Marathon" check-in station, the Taipei Marathon Expo was held at Flora Expo. Well-known sports brands were on site, ranging from sportswear made of the latest materials to high-tech sports equipment. REFIT also set up a running clothing recycling booth at the expo to collect runners' clothing.

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2023 IAU Ultramarathon 24H

The 2023 IAU Ultramarathon 24 HR World Championship and WMA 24 HR World Senior Championship will be held at Dajia Riverside Park. This year, more than 40 countries and 300 international athletes will participate in the competition. Runners are also responding to the REFIT program.

2023 Shimen Reservoir Marathon

The 2023 Shimen Reservoir Marathon combines Taoyuan’s “2050 Net Zero Emissions” policy with arrangements for water bottles, running suit materials, shuttle buses, and REFIT running suit recycling stations, allowing runners to protect the environment while participating in the marathon.

2023 Taiwan Design Exhibition in New Taipei《FORMOSAT-O》

The theme of the exhibition is "Circle Up", aiming to capture the essence of New Taipei City through design, and to showcase the city's spirit of truth, goodness, and beauty, as well as the collaborative effort behind its design ethos.

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TAIWAN EXPO 2023 in Japan

REFIT smart recycling box went abroad for the first time! It was exhibited at "TAIWAN EXPO 2023 in Japan". The exhibition attracted more than 20,000 visitors in three days. With the theme of smart and sustainable life, the exhibition displays various scenes such as food, clothing, housing, transportation, entertainment, and medical care.

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For 2023 TITAS, SINGTEX has chosen "YOUTOPIA" as its theme. YOUTOPIA was inspired by the fact that an ideal world is in the hands of everyone. Replacing “U” with ”YOU” in UTOPIA means that everyone is capable of shaping the future.

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