Taiwan Way! The Most Environmental-friendly Marathon in Taiwan

Winnie, SINGTEX® Integrated Human Resources Department

I fell in love with the taste of Taiwan after participating in the Tianzhong Marathon.

Even though it's been more than three months since I ran the Tianzhong Marathon, I still remember that day in November 2022 as if it was yesterday.

I will never forget seeing my fellow runners walk through the green corridor of Babaotuan in the middle of a field. The yellow ears of rice created golden waves with the autumn breeze, bringing a dance of nature and creating a unique sight.

Like the golden waves of rice, my fellow runners and I created a sea of gold with our bright yellow race shirts. S.Café® recycled coffee ground fabric was used to make the official marathon shirts for the Tianzhong Marathon. During the marathon we all wore our comfortable coffee yarn running shirts. It was nice to know I had the support of SINGTEX through odor control, UV protection and quick dry while I completed the race!

A moment worth enjoying without regrets.

How could you resist such delicious foods at the aid station? Unlike the chocolate, bananas, and sports drinks provided at previous aid stations, there was one special stations with roast pig, chicken, steak, ice cream, and many Taiwanese night market delicacies. The most peculiar surprise was we were even offered freshly roasted crocodile meat!

The various aid stations on the road, along with the warm hospitality of the residents made me feel very tempted to stop and enjoy some food. I lost the pressure of finishing the race and considered stopping and having a big meal. But in the end, my willpower stayed strong and I focused on completing the race.

One person can run fast, but a group of people can run very far.

I remember I once heard someone say, "Running is a lonely and fascinating sport". The longer you run, the more discipline and physical strength you have to encourage yourself to finish a journey that seems to have no end.

With the residents enthusiastically playing the role of cheerleaders, there was a great mix of music from a variety of genres including electronic, classical, and local indigenous music. Together the scene was quite lively.

There were also many interesting homemade posters with words of encouragement. Local children lined up along the road enthusiastically cheering for the runners to keep going. Seeing their passionate faces and hearing their voices made us feel warm and fuzzy, which gave us no reason to give up.

"One person can run fast, but a group of people can run farther."

When I finished the race, I was not alone. I felt one with the group and had absorbed the positive energy from everyone around me, which completely eliminated my physical fatigue.

The most beautiful thing about the Tianzhong Marathon is not the golden ears of rice, but the people.

I am extremely grateful for the community’s hard work. The local people woke up earlier than the runners to prepare for the race. The day was a success all thanks to the strong cohesiveness of the townspeople.

After many years of pandemic restrictions, it made me so happy to run a race again. I have participated in many road races in Taiwan, including the Standard Chartered Marathon, the Evergreen Marathon, the National Geographic World Ocean Day Marathon, and the Suhua Marathon. Because of this I never imagined that the Tianzhong Marathon would make me this emotional.

As I crossed the finish line I was brought to tears. This was not because I was emotional to receive my award, nor because I had injured myself, and it had nothing to do with my friend not being able to run with me (well maybe this one a little). I think it was because of the enthusiastic support I had received from all the people in the town and the empowering feeling that the race created. I never thought that running could make me this emotionally full.

Road running is a symbol of self-challenge.

In 2022, I successfully completed all my sporting goals, many of which were firsts. The three major challenges I completed were swimming across Sun Moon Lake in September, the Evergreen 10K in October, and Tianzhong 10K in November.

I started running with the sole goal to improve my fitness level. What surprised me most was that running let me know my body and learn to "focus". Each breath creates a dialogue with yourself, and then you learn to perceive, understand, and discover. The improvement and change of my physical and mental health showed me that road running is not only a form of physical exercise, but also a symbol of self -challenge.

At the end of this experience, the story is still about the people. Written words on this page cannot showcase the enthusiasm of the moment. If you haven't ever participated in the Tianzhong Marathon, you should definitely join us next year. I promise that you will leave with a full mind, heart and soul.

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