Looking ahead to 2023, message from the Chairman

Jason Chen, Chairman, SINGTEX® Group

As we enter 2023 our world is faced with numerous ongoing challenges related to the global environment and climate change, the death of the Queen of England, inflation, global interest rate rise, and the ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine. All of these world events are contributing to the world facing an unpredictable economic and trade situation. In addition, there are numerous new environmental regulations popping up in the US and the European Union such as new chemical strategies for PFAS, which will directly affect brand owners and drive them to consider new ways to address sustainability in their products.

Reflecting on 2022

The past year was full of exciting new milestones for SINGTEX® Group. We faced our challenges head on and saw last year as a perfect opportunity to fully integrate our resources and streghths across our affiliated companies. SINGTEX® Group not only founded the Group's Value Creation Center, but also reopened of the GFUN Tourism Factory, established the ESG Promotion Office, started a new collaborative program to train multinational talents from a local university, the 11th annual sponsorship of a rice farm in Yilan, swimming across Sun Moon Lake with 10,000 people, the return of in-person meetings and exhibitions, and the unveiling of REFIT our new garment to garment recycling program at the Tianzhong Marathon - just to name a few.

SINGTEX® Group made the important decision to keep our core technology research and development rooted in Taiwan. The group subsidiary - GFUN Co., Ltd. built a new high-end precision dyeing and finishing plant in Guanyin District, Taoyuan City. So far, SINGTEX® Group has invested 2.2 billion Taiwan Dollars to build an additional 10,000-square-meter factory building. The new factory will have a high-end precision dyeing and finishing production line, incorporate IoT, automation, big data management, and various other features of Industry 4.0. At the same time, introduce green production technology and equipment, and plan to expand the scale of existing solar power plants, continue to cultivate and stay in Taiwan, and fulfill corporate social responsibilities. In the future, this new factory will be used as the model factory of the Group to be replicated by other factories at home and abroad. It is expected to start its trial operation in the second quarter of 2023.

We will continue our specialization in comprehensive manufacturing through vertical integration of yarn, weaving, dyeing and finishing, waterproof and moisture-permeable coating lamination, and garment manufacturing. In response to the immediate needs of global environment and climate change, our materials and processes are all based on environmental protection. We will continue to conduct forward-looking raw material development, integrate market trends and customer needs, and quickly transform innovative technologies into commercial products to achieve rapid response, improve order receiving efficiency, and shorten delivery time. It can even achieve a small amount of diverse, tailor-made customized services, and the integrated development of the upstream and downstream supply chains of environmentally friendly functional textiles, catering to the current environmental protection and energy-saving supplier standards of major international manufacturers. With this diverse strategy SINGTEX® Group will be able maintain its position as a world-class leader in the four major textile fields of outdoor, sports, medical and tactical industries.

So I would like to encourage all my colleagues,
"Be open-minded, be brave enough to accept challenges, and keep innovating. Things have to be challenging. People have to overcome difficulties and not be overcome by difficulties." Only by doing things different from others can we grow and gain something.
"Doing a business that warms people's hearts" is the central value.

Looking forward to 2023, sustainable development is not just a trend, it should be implemented together

There are still many challenges for SINGTEX® Group, and the organization continues to develop, but I believe we will be optimistic about the road to sustainability.

The products of SINGTEX® Group are both fashionable and functional, and the innovative environmental protection materials also allow Taiwan's textile industry to lead the world trend

I would like to thank you all. With the efforts of every colleague, we have worked together to create more sustainable products and exquisite craftsmanship, so that SINGTEX® Group can grow steadily. It is great to have you.

I wish you all happiness, peace and health
Happy together!

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