Outdoor Retailer Snow Show | January 10-12, 2023

SINGTEX Group Oceanic Island System

Weaving together nature and daily life, we innovate for sustainable lifestyles.

Even when human activities are restricted, nature still continues. SINGTEX® Group has been innovating in ways to build better systems that take the entire lifecycle of a product into consideration. There are many lessons to be learnt from our natural environment. This 2023 OR snow show we look to the ocean, the island, and systems that nurture us as our core sustainability framework.


A Roll of Yarn, A Piece of Cloth to Protect the Ocean

The ocean covers about 71% of the earth's surface and it is the origin of all life. Every day the ocean is polluted because of improper garbage disposal and microfiber shedding from clothing during wash and wear.

As a part of our ocean focused initiatives, SINGTEX® has launched the 13th generation of S.Café®. The new S.Café® Ocean yarn and fabrics use recycled PET from the ocean and ocean bound plastics with the patented SINGTEX® coffee yarn technology (TW I338729). S.Café®Ocean fabrics help the environment by recycling used coffee grounds and ocean plastics but also achieve performance benefits like odor control, UV protective, and quick-dry.

In addition to using recycled materials and supporting clean ocean projects, SINGTEX® has also introduced marine protection through product design.
With STORMFLEECE® a single-layer weave fleece and the new STORMEGA fabric that uses 3D air layer technology to capture heat and maintain body temperature, the compact structure of these two woven fabrics reduces the flow of microfibers into the ocean during washing and wearing. Additionally, water can be saved during manufacturing by using solution dye.


Balance of Function, Protection, and Sustainability

On this island, sports activities are prevalent. This creates an increasing demand for high-quality performance fabrics. Textile manufacturing is traditionally a resource heavy industry however SINGTEX® has been working to change that. Year after year, SINGTEX® is doing all it can to create high-performance durable fabrics that also have lower environmental impacts.

The longer a product can be used, the lower the environmental damage caused during the manufacturing process. Under this consideration of durability, SINGTEX® Protector series provide all kinds of products including functional membranes, moisture-permeable fabrics, waterproof coatings and laminations. Outdoor sports enthusiasts can explore the island with peace of mind in a changing environment, and find a balance between function, protection, and sustainability.


Sustainable Process, Sustainable Materials, Recycled Products

The birth of a piece of clothing is a linear journey. SINGTEX® is committed to turning the linear journey of clothes into circular. We develop mono-material fabrics to make it easier for clothes to be 100% recycled. Our 100% recyclable fabric S.LEISURE and ONESHELL will be showcased at the 2023 OR Snow show.

For a comfort fit, Spandex fibers are partially blended with cotton or polyester making it hard to recycle & it needs a lot of energy to produce. S.LEISURE replaces 6% Spandex yarns making it recyclable & 20% more energy efficient in the dyeing process. The water & energy savings for 1500 pcs S.LEISURE vest can supply a person 10 years of water & power a household for a month. Without Spandex, It is easier to recycle.

ONESHELL is built around the philosophy that simple is beautiful. We have developed a mono-material method of manufacturing a wide range of fabrics, including 2 and 3-layer waterproof and breathable fabrics, from one single polymer. Traditionally, the manufacturing process of high performance waterproof and breathable fabrics have required a mix of materials, which create a big environmental issue because they are unable to be recycled. Instead, with ONESHELL the fabric is 100% made from the same material. The ONESHELL face, membrane and backer, are all one single material which enables regeneration through end-of-life recycling.

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