What Will You Do for the Oceans?

Tony Wang, Vice President, SINGTEX® Fabric Business Division

For me, the ocean is full of warm, fun and mysterious memories from many fond family moments. When I think back to my childhood, my parents would take us to the sea every summer to play in the water, enjoy the beauty of the tide pools and appreciate the rich marine life.

The origin of life is the "Ocean"

Our oceans cover 72% of the Earth's surface area and account for 97.5% of the Earth's water resources. It is the Earth's thermostat and natural purifier. Ocean waters nurture rich biological resources and carry the Earth's lifeblood as the largest carbon sink!

According to statistics, currently there are 150 million tons of plastic in ocean waters. If we do not act now, by 2050, the sea will contain more plastic than fish. This means that when you snorkel or dive to the bottom of the sea, instead of seeing marine life, all you will see is floating trash. Every year, 12.7 million tons of plastic waste flow into the oceans which is the equivalent of a garbage truckload of plastic every minute.

We have become increasingly dependent on single-use plastics, creating a rapidly vicious cycle of use and disposal. This has had damaging effects on our ecosystems including our oceans which were once clean and abundant with life. As we pursue easier and faster ways of doing things, we are indirectly harming the sea that nurtures all life. The chronic poison created by humans, plastic pollution, is threatening this natural ecosystem. In recent years, eye-catching news headlines and reports have shown sea turtles with plastic around their necks and birds, fishes and marine mammals with stomachs full of plastic. It's time to act now!

We need to safeguard our oceans and address the problem of marine debris pollution, not only by reducing the use of disposable goods, but also by reducing the risk of trash entering the ocean right at the source.

In 2022, SINGTEX® launched a new line of fabric technology to protect our oceans called S.Café® OCEAN. We also seek to clean up the ocean by creating a more meaningful functional fabric with special technology and a patented and innovative weave design (STORMFLEECE®, STORMEGA™). This prevents micro-plastics from entering the oceans during washing and wearing.

We need to work together and promote to all our worldwide partners, "clean the ocean, create green products and return the ocean to its purest blue."

Reducing Waste at the Source

Lio Chang, Vice President, SINGTEX® R&D Department

Water is one of the most common substances on earth and has many properties; it has the highest specific heat capacity of all liquids except for some gaseous elements. This property moderates the temperature and humidity of our living environment; however, it does not regulate the impact of human-made waste on our lives.

SINGTEX® is committed to reducing waste at the source. Methods of waste reduction include reducing consumption and reusing..

We hope to harness our knowledge and technology to contribute to ocean conservation, and our new starting point is the S.Café® OCEAN™ fabric line.

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