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Warm series





Brushed or woolen fleece is the best choice for winter jackets.

This new concept from SING TEX® uses light yet eye-catching materials to give you a very different kind

of thermal clothing.





Regulates temperature properly,conserves warmth without loading.

Keeps you warm,dry and comfortable.




By extracting 25% of S. Café coffee oil to make AIRNEST™ foam , AIRNEST™ presents a new alternative to petroleum-based ingredients, at the same time maintaining high performance in textiles. Also, AIRNEST™ applies to a wide range of functionality, possessing great potential in diverse end-use markets.






Multilayer insulation

eco²sy® multilayer insulation technology created from recycled plastic bottles and used coffee grounds. This breakthrough produces a layer of breathable, warm, windproof, waterproof, and odor control material for a variety of uses.


Sustainability means everything

eco²sy® Built entirely from recycled plastic bottles and discarded coffee yarns, everything that is used to make the eco²sy® layer can be recycled and used again giving it another life. So you can put your mind at ease about your impact on the environment when you wear your jacket made with eco²sy® insulation.