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10 Jan. 2017


SINGTEX launches new soft-shell engineering

“STORMFLEECE™”for defending strict weather

SINGTEX has launched  new soft-shell engineering in January, 2017. It is called “STORMFLEECE” , 
which is not just a fleece. It presents a breakthrough technology for textile market . 
 The advantages of “STORMFLEECE” includes: saving carbon foot prints and chemical; 
light-weight with high-end functions. It was designed for defending strict weather conditions.
 This new material technology is also selected as FW18/19 ISPO Textrends Award Selection.


“STORMFLEECE” includes basic level & pro level:The technical highlight of “STORMFLEECE” : Soft as knits, durability as woven, stretchable, breathability, wind resistance (CFM<25, by ASTMD 737) and water repellency. This fabric can be applied to sports wear, travel wear and city wear…etc.


“STORMFLEECE PRO” is the upper level , which provides the sam advantages but higher performance, such as: hard face for abrasion, wind resistance (CFM<15) and pass rain test. “STORMFLEECE PRO” can be applied to : trekking wear, skiwear, one layer soft-shell…etc.


The future vision of “STORMFLEECE”:

• High pile quality for cold weather use.     

• Melange or pattern can be adapted.     

• S.Café® patented technology plus