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SINGTEX fabrics has been selected ISPO TEXTREND 2022/23 TOP5!

23 Dec. 2020


STORMFLEECE is SINGTEX’s patented unique single layer woven technology unites softshell and fleece into one, achieving the right balance between breathability, wind resistance and/or water resistance. Its densely woven surface blocks wind and/or water without the need for lamination making it durable to washes. Its single layer construction can reduce the chemical use and energy consumption at the production phase compared to 2 or 3 layer fabrics. STORMFLEECE PLUS, one of a series of STORMFLEECE, with double-sided fleece. This fabric also contains recycled S.Café® polyester, which added waste coffee ground into yarn by SINGTEX’s patented technology.





S.Café® AIRMEM COLORSHELL is a bio-based color microporous membrane, made by coffee oil extracted from spent coffee grounds. Not only provides windproof, waterproof, oil repellence, AIRMEM COLORSHELL also permit excellent moisture vapor permeability.

AIRMEM COLORSHELL is a solution dyed fabric, provides excellent color fastness. Compared with other dyeing methods, it reduces water used and CO2 emissions.





BS-80216SUC0 is an extremely environmental friendly fabric. It combined three of SINGTEX’s patented technologies, S.Café®, AIRMEM and P4DRY in one fabric. Furthermore, it’s also biodegradable.

AIRMEM™ is SINGTEXs patented technology which used coffee bio-based membrane combined with flexibility or hard-shell fabric, achieving excellent breathability and water resistance. AIRMEM™ contains 26% of coffee oil extracted from spent coffee grounds, the membrane is aimed to replace petroleum-based materials with a more sustainable alternative.

Another technology of SINGTEX is P4DRY. After grinding the coffee grounds and being as a print on the fabric, AIRMEM™P4DRY contacts skin directly and dissipate the moisture from human body. The pores of coffee grounds can absorb bad smells to achieve odor control.





S.Café® ICE-CAFÉ fabrics not only maintain the properties of S.Café®, but also incorporates a cooling technology which absorbs heat slowly and then dissipates it quickly. S.Café® ICE-CAFÉ allows you to feel cool and comfortable during your sport activities. Fabrics from S.Café® ICE-CAFÉ are able to cool down the skin temperature compared with regular fabrics.

S.Café® ICE-CAFÉ fabrics are ideal for base layers, running, cycling, sportswear, and many other outdoor activities. This fabric SSR-200870 is the best choice for making bedding.