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SINGTEX won Taiwan Excellence Gold Award 2021 !

12 Jan. 2021


AIRMEM COLORSHELL Coffee bio-jacket  

AIRMEM COLORSHELL uses microporous membrane technology.
Not only provides windproof, waterproof and oil repellence, but also permit excellent moisture vapor permeability to keep wearer stay dry and not feel cold.

By using millions of micropores in the material to let the
moisture passes through the pores directly. AIRMEM microporous membrane features water resistance is based on the aperture of the pores controlled between 0.2-10pm. It can prevent raindrops [size of 100-3000pm) permeate from outside and allow humid vapor (0.0004um) diffuse from human body. This unique structure provides air exchange and moisture dissipate while remaining completely dry.

AIRMEM COLORSHELL can be designed for reversible jacket, allowing it to be switched from a membrane outer shell to a textured soft interior. Wearer can keep options open to choose which side wearing.